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The Buzz...

"I love this approach. It helps them (the students) become better listeners and more effective learners."
A. J.—Speech Implementer

"G.R.O.W. activities challenge my brightest students and invigorate the thinking of those who would have been left behind by simple paper and pencil tasks."
J.M.—Gr. 3 Teacher

"These lessons in these books are brain-tickling and mind-expanding! My students always ask for more."

"Grammar has never been so much fun!"

"(These) ideas are so practical and engaging. I would recommend this workshop to new SLPs as well as those who have been in the position for a long time. A workshop well-worth the commute."



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Books & Educational Resources

G.R.O.W. is an acronym for Get Rid Of Worksheets and that becomes easy to do with these books. Included are all the resource lists and reproducible word cards needed to address instructional goals WITHOUT USING WORKSHEETS!

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Books in the G.R.O.W. Series

Word Work

Room to Grow & Acting Out now available as CD-roms! To purchase books or cd's, visit our store now.

5-Minute Kids™ Therapy Series

What can you do in 5 minutes? Plenty! Check out this new 6-volume set! It's a drill-based articulation program called 5-Minute Therapy, by Sue Sexton & Linda Eve Seth. Sold as a set ONLY. To purchase, visit our store now.

Resource Handbooks

These resource handbooks are must-have assets for all school-based SLPs. Originally written to accompany their full-day seminars, both books, one by Deb and one by Linda, contain a wide array of useful forms, lesson plans, practical strategies and resource lists that will help fill the gaps in your daily teaching. Although the books are similar in tone and practicality, each contains individually designed pages and reproducible resources. There is some overlap, but each handbook is unique.

Nowhere else will you get as many practical, copy-ready pages for the money. The lessons included are designed to “read today and use tomorrow.” Choose one or order both, you will not be disappointed. To purchase, visit our store now.

SLPs & Vocabulary Handbook byLinda Eve Seth


NEW! Other Merchandise

CD - Room to G.R.O.W. CD - Acting Out CD - 5-Minute Games™

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The Authors

Linda Eve Seth

Linda's more than 35 years' experience as a speech-language pathologist, her 6 years as classroom teacher, and her natural ability as a raconteur make her an interesting and animated workshop presenter. From the inner city schools of New Jersey to the last one-room school-house in West Virginia, her varied teaching experiences have helped Linda develop insights and expertise that come together in her workshop offerings and in the books she has written or co-authored.

Linda lives in the hills of rural West Virginia but she has achieved national recognition as a presenter having presented seminars in more than 40 states. The ideas she shares in her workshops are underscored by her pragmatic nature, an effective communication style and a well-honed sense of humor.

Debbie Hisam

Debbie Hisam is a speech-language pathologist with over 30 years of educational experience. Eight of those years were spent as a teacher of the hearing impaired. With the start of the 2009-2010 school year Debbie has become an elementary school principal.

Debbie is a lifelong West Virginian who has evolved into a successful teacher, speech-language pathologist, author, international presenter and now administrator. Her sense of humor, positive outlook and creativity have helped shape her personal well-being and every aspect of her educational career.